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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Awful Truth - My True Confession

A recent book review of The Unfaithful Widow by Helen Ross in Australia refers to me as naughty and cheeky. Since I had my fall on June 29, and my rotator cuff surgery on July 12, I have been behaving badly! Trying to enjoy being the laziest gal in town. So today I am confessing my awful truths on how naughty I've been recovering from surgery! Check out Helen's blog and meet one of the most charming gals around. Leave a comment below on your true confession on how naughty you've been!

My dear, that simply won't do.
The Awful Truths Since I've Been In My Sling:

I have not watered my garden and my plants
are now brown!

I eat ice cream at night and have gained five pounds.

I've found I like taking mid-afternoon naps rather than going to the gym.

My dogs were not let out timely since I couldn't move well - now I am housebreaking them again.

It's fun to do nothing and then talk about it on my cell.

I haven't been able to make my jewelry, but still order vintage parts.

I bought a beautiful cottage dresser and can't lift it out of the van.

I drive in my sling with one hand, but just to meet friends for dinner.

Margaritas are better than pain pills (of which I have taken zero pills, but have downed a few frozen Margaritas!)

I had to buy larger jeans to pull up with one hand.

I still dream of kissing the boys and making them cry!

What are your awful truths?

Visit a wonderful free art site! I found these charming images there. Art Freebies, a great blog you will love.


  1. You always make me smile, darlin'

    Okay, my awful truths over the last little while:

    I too have gained 5 lbs. This is due to a vacation in wine country with good friends and good conversation.

    Um, wine drinking. See above.

    No yoga. I blame it on the fact that my WiiFit board keeps complaining the batteries are low. I searched the house for batteries to no avail.

    I consider searching the house for batteries exercise.

  2. Searching for batteries is great exercise, esp. if you have to bend to lift a chair cushion. I think that deserves a dollop of ice cream. You always make me smile too! And my muse for this post Helen has blogged on my blog. She is so much fun too. Barbara