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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Eliza From Canada And Her Wonderful New Jewelry

Well I haven't been visiting my own blog here since I've been working on promoting my book and I had rotator cuff surgery which has slowed me down a bit! My new friend Eliza who I met on my blog book tour last month has designed a wonderful jewelry line that had its launch this week. I am giving you a link to her blog and putting some of her comments on her dream job here. Be sure to check her out. You'll love Eliza - I do! Talented, funny and so cool! (excuse any typos, I am typing with one finger while arm is in sling.)

Lily Pads
Triple strand 20″ necklace with 3″ extension chain.
Tidbit: the water lily is the birth flower of July. We have them in our water pond and our white Koi, Alice, loves to hide amongst them. Price $35.

In Nancy Anderson’s book Work With Passion in Midlife and Beyond, she says the key to your dream job is to do what you truly love. The rest, she assures, will simply fall into place.

What do I truly love?

My generic answer is being creative. But it’s more than that.

I love to work with my hands and my mind at the same time

I love variety

I love my creative endevours to enhance the well being of others

It all started out so innocently. On a whim I went out and bought some beads, wire and chain, and made myself a necklace.

My mind was fully engaged figuring out colour combinations and bead placement. My hands were bending wires and stringing beads. Way cool!

Next thing I know, different designs are flying into my head. To the point, I was actually having very vivid dreams of designs and waking up not only remembering the dreams, but able to turn the dreams into actual necklaces.

Then a friend wanted one for her very own. Then another friend. Then another friend. Soon my friends were wandering around wearing my necklaces with big smiles on their faces.

I was working with passion, and just like Nancy promised it would, everything simply fell into place.

There I was with my dream job!

Today, I am thrilled to share my passion with the Silver & Grace community and introduce the Silver & Grace Jewelry Collection.

Each piece in the Collection is inspired by one of the four classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. By thinking about an element as I create a design, I truly believe I infuse the piece with the essence of that element. The Collection as a whole represents Spirit.

Quantities of each design are deliberately kept low so that only a handful of Collection piece owners share the essence of that design.

On Fridays, I will feature a single design which will be discounted for seven days. Make sure you come back each Friday to check out the feature design and get your discount code.

However … !!!

To honour the gift of passion, until July 29th, 2010, all the designs are discounted 10%.

To immediately start your own Silver & Grace Collection:

head over to the Silver & Grace Collection store by clicking here

select what calls to you

at checkout enter discount code A8889

It’s as simple as that!

May each piece in your Silver & Grace Jewelry Collection bring a smile to your face.

What beautiful jewelry. I may go shopping myself. Having a bad hair day (days) with my sling and a piece of inspired jewelry may just inspire me.

Check out Eliza's blog Silver and Grace for the woman over 40, but for anyone who loves feeling beautiful at any age.

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  1. Hello Barb thanks for your lovely comment on my art freebies blog. Its much appreciated. And wow !! I love your designs they are so beautiful and you are very talented
    hugs June xxx