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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage Photos To Celebrate Time In A Garden

I love old photographs of women in the garden. For your viewing pleasure a few Victorian women enjoying the final days of summer.

I wonder if this grew to become Stone Mountain?

If I had watered more, perhaps my potted plants would have looked like this!

Now this looks more like the growth in my garden!

The perfect Garden Party look. I adore her hat.


  1. I have just found you and you are my new favorite web site. Your jewelry is AMAZING!!!!
    I will either go broke or have to at least win one drawing. Such fun so earthy and fun, love the sunflowers and the vintage look of it all. I truly think I found my twin.

  2. I forgot to mention I have a tabby cat and the love of my life a 120 pound black lab named Toby T-Bird Baby, you can probably guess who gets to sleep on the bed at night.

  3. Love the old pictures! Are they old enough to be copyright free? Just wondering if it would be okay to grab a few to print on greeting cards?

  4. Hi Kristin - so happy you love this blog. I have fun with it, but don't get to it as much as I'd like. I am making jewelry for the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Arts & Ale night this Thursday so am covered in bugs, bees and flowers as I work away. Will be showing pics here later this week. Hope you come by and chat again. Barbara

  5. Hi Sharon - yes the photos are old enough to be in public domain. Copy away if you like. I am using a lot of old cabinet card photos and early post cards with my writing. All are from my private collection and there should not be any copyright issues. I certainly am pleased you want to use them on cards!

  6. PS - for those who are following me here on Barb's Botanical Garden, come see me at my other blogs and see how it is to love dogs! In case Confessions Of The Unfaithful Widow photo confuses you, it is moi!