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Monday, March 18, 2013

Beginning To Look A Lot Like Spring

A bit of Jasmine circles my Lady of Lilburn vintage statue (so named because she stood in front of my shop in Old Town Lilburn when it was open. She came home with me when I closed the shop!)

With the sun bright in the sky on Sunday, I decided to take a few photos of my yard. Spring is just around the corner and a few buds are peeking out to remind me of that. The amount of overgrown weeds is also a harsh reminder I need to get busy if I want my yard under control. I like to decorate my yard, more than work in it. This year I hope to do both.

At almost human height, she is quite a vixen in my back yard.

My old rusty garden chairs sit behind a farm fence. Just a hint of blue paint left on them.

I love the handle on my old blue shovel.

The shovel has not been used in a year and is overgrown with ivy. I like the statement it makes and probably won't use it this year either.

I uncovered my pink cart last week after trimming back all the rose branches. Fond memories go with this cart. I purchased it when I worked in the gift shop at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a few years back. Spray painted it pink, like my favorite pink roses.

This life-size vintage iron angel is in memory of my friend Anne, who was my late husband's cousin.

A sweet garden shed that holds all my old furniture that needs to go to my antique booth.

I love old concrete garden items

An old wood wagon waits for pots of herbs.

The dogs left their mark running through this bed. 'Ouch' cried the little bloom.

One of of too many dog graves in the garden. Foxy, Jake, and Boy Dog each have their own memory statue.

I love my yard for so many reasons, none which have to do with gardening! It is a safe haven for my six dogs. They can romp and play in their private setting. They don't bother the neighbors and the neighbors don't mind so many dogs. The garden is full of memories of my old life and promise of things to come. This year we'll see how much planting I do. I'll confess my sins here on my blog as the weeks move forward!

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  1. I 'love' all of your garden ornaments. I would feel right at home there.

    I nearly called you yesterday morning as I was having one huge sob fest. I calmed down finally and then didn't feel the need to call. Knowing you were there if I needed to talk, helped.

    Happy spring and happy gardening ~ FlowerLady