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Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet Florrie Funk, Artist, Poet and Her Mosaic Garden Mary

The most incredible yard art by my artist and poet friend Florrie M Funk. Florrie lives in Midtown, an intown neighborhood of Atlanta, minutes from downtown. I had to share this with you. It takes my breath away. Florrie has a gift for finding beauty in things many would overlook and is a true artist who can turn the ordinary into a masterful creation.
Here is Florrie's story on her Mary:
The bath tub came out of our house in Newton, Mass when we had a 1920's bathroom renovated. We brought it with us when we moved to Atlanta. I creatd the inside mosaic with bits of broken china, glass, stones and miscellaneous junk and figurines. Some of the pieces I picked up from the ground as I walked my dog around my Midtown neighborhood, pieces of broken street lights, car windows, ceramic tiles, mirrors, "found objects"... We bought the statue of the Virgen in Miami while visiting my Cuban mother-in-law. (Miami is a town that loves its lawn ornaments, sacred and profane) Mary arrived home via UPS with her head broken off so I Gorilla Glued it back on. I call her Nuestra Senora de la Caridad de Midtown ATL. The tub measures 28 inches wide by 36 inches tall with another 12 inches or so planted in the ground. This is my belief: "In all creation there are no insignificant pieces." I believe that to be true in terms of biological diversity, mosaic art, poetry, and other stuff.


  1. Hi again Barbara
    I discovered you via OWOH and I am the one with the rescued greyhounds. I will get you a pic and a brief story one day soon but I wanted to check out your new blog. Your shrine is beautiful...what a great way to recycle!

  2. Tell Florrie her shrine is just beautiful! Love it...