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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm In Denial That Was Not Snow, But Sugar Drops

My own Mr. Bill, folk art sculpture. OH NOOOOO. It snowed today, not a lot, but enough that you knew it was snow. Over it, over it, over it. Spring came knockin on my door yesterday teasing me. The air so sweet with a hint of coolness. Sun bright in the sky. Dogs rollin' on the grass. I was in a glorious mood. Walked around the yard wondering where I'll plant my flowers soon. They said snow on the weather channel, but I didn't take them seriously. They got it right. Darn. Today a snuggle bug day with the dogs and new issues of my favorite magazines. Glorious roses peeking out from the pages and folk art filling yards with pink blooms all around them. Thats a photo of my Mr. Bill from last spring. He and I are waiting to sit in that comfy chair again and sip a cool lemonade on a warm sunny day. Soon. Soon. Soon. I am in denial it snowed today. My head in a cloud of spring.

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