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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Botanical Gardens Show Weekend! Remember March 24th Giveaway

 Oh my, not used to being up this early. A night owl does not the early bird worm catch.  But off and running to my show. Will tell you all about it on Monday and will show the pieces of jewelry for my giveaway then. Some folks are having trouble finding which entry to leave a comment on.(Its on Feb 24)  BUT leave one anywhere and you will be entered! If you sign up as a follower you are in my second giveaway too.  Have a lovely weekend. Weather here - Sunny And Bright. A perfect day to be at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens! Cheers to you!


  1. Everything is so darling. Love the incororaion of the doll heads. Enjoy the show. I can imagine how fun it would be to attend.

  2. Your pieces are all so gorgeous!!!