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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Decorating With A Little Help From The Thrift Store

My antique mantel is adorned with my buys from Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur, Georgia. I love my Dorothy red glitter shoes with a shiny brite ornie in them. The Santa is a bit vintage. And on the modern side, the gingerbread metal tree and reindeer. I love the beaded bag with Christmas colors.

A Merry Christmas Thrift Store Style

I am the laziest gal in town. I just did not feel like climbing the attic stairs to bring down my Christmas decorations this year. My old feather tree in its Victorian metal stand is exactly where I left it two years ago. To the left of the of the pull down stairs on the attic floor.

Once again this year I headed to my favorite thrift shops and Goodwill. I knew there would be treasures enough to decorate my mantels, and trees with twinkling lights, to set on my tables. A quick fix to a lovely Christmas decorating plan, cheap as can be, and not a box to unpack.

I did this last year. Bought all my Christmas decorations at Goodwill! Then, after the holiday, I donated them back. Now that is what I call recycling.

I am doing the same this year. I did find a few treasures that may get tucked away with my vintage collection in the attic. Someday I will bring them all back down and visit with them again. But not this year! It's a thrifty decoration season for me again!

The farm table at the end of my kitchen is a catch all for treasures! From silverplate, nicely tarnished, to frogs peeking out around tin boxes of Peppermint Bark. The tree was a purchase at Last Chance. It has a straw wreath with a poinsettia hiding its base. The tiny white ornaments, a huge bag, filled the tree completely. The bag cost 69 cents! Plus tax, of course.

Every tree needs an angel! 99 cents! And she is so talented, a little ballerina.

 Kermit insists on greeting Santa in the dining room. Metal wreath 99 cents. Kermit $1.99. Pink window mirror, priceless, from a favorite antique dealer.

Vintage tinsel boxes at 29 cents each, tall brass candlestick $4.99, and my little wooden angel 99 cents. Part of a display on my living room mantel.

A few Santa books and a lovely silverplate pitcher with fake Poinsettia compliment my garden statue collection on an end table. My fake Poinsettias are safer for a house full of dogs that sometimes like to help themselves to a tasty treat.

Foxy is so bedazzled by the brilliance of the season, she had to put on her cool shades.

From Our House To Yours, Warmest Wishes For A Wonderful Holiday Season!

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  1. just beautiful! I love this site with the slide show - let's all of us peek in a little more into the very festive home you have with your puppies.
    I do expect an invite one day so I can check your home!
    Merry, Happy, Christmas to you and the dogs. I bet they were very good this year.