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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Little Cottage In St. Augustine And A Mother's Love

I love Geraniums. I can't get them to grow at my house. They wither, dry up, or rot from overwatering. On the other hand, my mother seems to have a green thumb and a charming eye for gardening. Her small cottage backyard is blooming in Technicolor!

It doesn't hurt that her garden blooms against robins egg blue!

A Bougainvillea stands tall where it was planted a few months ago.

Is it that Florida sun or my Mom's green thumb and eye for color? My bet is she is hard at work in her garden. The sun would fry my garden, and often does in Atlanta. And I don’t have the patience to watch over my plants to make them bloom.

But Mothers seem to do everything with love, from gardening, to taking care of her friends and family. Love, that ingredient that is important to cultivate the best in everything, from plants to people!

A nurturing Mother has that special touch that makes her children grow into the best they can be.

I know mine continues to help me blossom and showers me with love on the days I feel like withering on the vine!

A Thanksgiving hug to my mother that is full of love!

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