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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Time For A Spring Garden

I'm putting on my other hat, that vintage straw hat with the floppy brim and the big old daisy barely holding on by a thread. The hat that reminds me I love all things garden. I've been working hard on my book (oops, my other blog) and need a diversion. This blog will be my flowering garden. I can chat about my jewelry, my cottage antiques and home filled with frogs and flowers and puppy dog tales. Not shabby, not chic, but so comfy. An indoor garden with walls full of vintage floral paintings, and rooms bursting with old garden statues and patchwork quilts in ice cream colors. I like to talk about these things and share my home with my friends. Right now I am sharing it with my six dogs. Dogs who think vintage quilts are the perfect spot to drop their butts. Nothing sweeter than a dog sleeping soundly, all curled up surrounded by the softness of an old cotton quilt. So welcome friends, pull up a wicker chair, you know the one with the big pillow covered with 40's roses barkcloth fabric. It's just a little rickety and the white paint chipping oh so perfectly but it is the best seat in the room to share a cup of coffee with a friend and muse over what Spring will reveal.
Sharing some of my favorite old crusty chippy vintage garden statues with you. Purhcased over the years from my friend and antique dealer Cheryl Alexander. We used to set up at the Lakewood Antiques Show together. You can find her at one of my favorite shops, Antiques In Old Town, Lilburn, Ga. Put that in your GPS ladies! View the shop at

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