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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cheryl Alexander's Booth At Davis Street Antiques Offers A Romantic Farmhouse Look

Cheryl Alexander's booth at Davis Street Antiques in Monroe, Georgia, is breathtaking! Sharing some of the photos I took yesterday at the shop. I also have a booth at Davis Street Antiques and love the atmosphere of Monroe. Monroe is an antique mecca and worth a day trip or longer afternoon to take in all the antique malls, many in the old cotton mills.

Sorry to say, that fab picnic table sold the minute it was unloaded yesterday. But there are more treasures to see. Cheryl goes on regular buying trips and her booth is always full of eye candy!

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  1. Beautiful, as always!! Cheryl has a wonderful eye for the most beautiful antiques. I could spend hours in her booth!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.