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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dreaming of Hydrangeas

My front yard is dreary! It is deep, full of tall loblolly pines and patches where the grass refuses to grow. Add into the mix, my split rail fence has started to rot and the posts have tipped, causing the rails to fall to the ground. What's a gal to do? I want the house to look softer. I need some work on my fence. I want a cottage garden in my front yard!

I thought about painting my red brick house a soft cottage yellow. Well, that won't happen. Not in my budget.

Maybe I could replace the split rail with a white picket fence. Oh, how I want a cottage look. But my yard it too large and a white fence would look silly with my late forties/early fifties brick ranch, sitting oh so far back from the street.

Then the magic word appeared: hydrangeas!

It was not my word, but the word of a landscape professional working across the street. I always ask for free advice.

"Mulch in the area where the grass doesn't grow and fill it with hydrangea bushes."

Suddenly I can see my ranch become the cottage I long for. Now I am dreaming of hydrangeas and wondering how soon can I make my dream come true!

Could this be me?

Perhaps I could hide the split rail fence entirely!

I could give garden parties on my front lawn!


It doesn't matter. I am dreaming of hydrangeas. And now my dreams are expanding. Perhaps a cottage by the sea..... It is fun to dream a lovely dream!

Pleasant Dreams To You!

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