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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pre-Opening Sale for Shop Addition! Savings For All

While I am waiting for my prince I think I'll shop!

The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques has expanded to include the little grey house 96 Main Street in Lilburn.

Check out my shop blog for details on my 20% off pre-opening sale.
Remember the Lilburn Community Garage Sale Saturday morning. Visit me at 94 Main Street and meet Peggy Sullens, Lilburn artist. She will be painting plen air on the street!

Sneak peek at the beginning of my parlor at shop!

1 comment:

  1. Barbara,
    I am jane from Life @ Number 8, you visited my blog, and I am finally getting over here to visit you.
    Sorry it has taken a while...
    I love your Blog title tagline quote.
    I have started a courtyard garden and will be taking a good look around here to learn, to be inspired.
    Its great to meet new friends through blogs.
    As I read I will post comments.
    May each day bloom beautifully for you.